Voyage à Genève

« Facing dangers, fearless and proud to explore new countries , the Loth Dream Team has changed a bit but still exists !
 In 2020, we explored Geneva in Switzerland from 10th to 15th February !
No time to rest as we visited many places of Power: the United Nations, the Red Cross Museum, the Science Museum and the CERN as well as the old city ...
Unexpectedly we soon learnt not only about the Reformation , but also about the League of Nations and the role of the UN, even though our beloved history and geography teacher had abandonned us  and last but not least we realised.. how powerful nature was!
Rain , shine or snow we walked and had picnics and explored Nyon and Geneva ... we even had to cross the Franco-Swiss border several times !
We all learnt  more about Places and Forms of Power , Geneva but also about ourselves.
If you want to know more have a look :
But, there was a happy ending ... all the 44 students came back safely ,   along with Mr Guilloux, Mr Mahe, Mr Mallard and Mrs Métayer-Blondelon, the teachers in charge. They might do another field trip again, who knows?"